Hosted Services

One of Cressy IT’s aims is to be able to provide affordable and efficient solutions to your business. We also aim to implement a solution where there is minimal maintenance or interaction with your hardware from the business side. Hosted Services is a way of accomplishing just that. Whether you have a requirement to host a website, email services, backup services or even your server Active Directory system we can help take the hassle out of purchasing expensive equipment, maintenance cost and the need to pay for an in-house technician. Using Google Apps Computing we are able to host all these services and more off-site, allowing you to focus on your business and letting us handle the technical details.


Microsoft Exchange is the No. 1 corporate messaging and collaboration software. Exchange Server has quickly gained popularity among organisations of all sizes and paired with Microsoft Outlook has evolved into an indispensable business tool.

In recent years exchange has developed rapidly and many extra features have been added creating more layers making it a bit complicated to use. Our engineers have studied exchange for many years and are more than comfortable using it. Our engineers will design, build and maintain your internal MS exchange system effectively and reducing your cost of hiring expensive engineers.


Spam emails may cost your business time money, without spam protection your servers may receive thousands of unwanted emails which may results in your employees spending a lot of time trying to remove them. Unwanted emails may distract your busy employees thus leading to ineffective work room. Span emails are not only time wasting but also can be very dangerous to your business as certain email may come with viruses in which the user may not realise until it’s too late to do so.

At Cressy IT we implement systems that will reduce on average 95% of the amount of spam your employees receive in their mailbox. We will expertise on stopping spam mails before reaching your users mailbox which will save time considerably. At Cressy It we have many different techniques to tackle spam problem and will choose the one that suits best for your business. By working together we can make sure spam emails do not waste your user’s time and does not cost your business money.

Online Backup

Data stored on your servers is typically the most valuable business property within the organisation and requires adequate protection. Whether you need to backup standard documents, Exchange & SQL databases, or entire server configurations for disaster recovery measures our online backup service is a one size fits all solution. At Cressy IT we will provide online back up using hosted services Google app option

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