Firms will come to a point where they may need to upgrade or migrate from one network operation system to another. During this period they may need assistance from someone who has extensive experience in the field. This is where we come in as we have assisted many firms to migrate both software and hardware many years with the help of our experienced consultants. We carry out upgrades as well as expanding existing network to match the businesses needs and wants. Failing to upgrade software over time can create a longer and costly upgrade path.

Cressy IT understands the need for constant upgrade as no network or software is future proof. This is why we offer services to upgrade your existing system to a level where your business will be bug-free. Migrating existing software such Exchange to a new sever is something Cressy IT are experienced in and have exceptional skills, which we are more than happy to provide. Cressy IT will upgrade or migrate your existing your software or hardware without causing disturbance to your daily activities.

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