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A FREE and professional Site Survey and IT Infrastructure Audit

Cressy IT Solutions offers all it’s customers a FREE and no obligations site survey with every initial callout. Our engineers will visit your premises to create a comprehensive but easy to understand report of your IT infrastructure. This will include auditing your IT hardware equipment, computer software, network peripherals as well network security.

Below is a breakdown of the areas of your IT infrastructure which Cressy IT engineers will be auditing:

•    Detailed specifications of your computers, workstations, laptops and servers
•    Telephony system (IP or analogue)

•    Operating Systems (desktops and servers)
•    Productivity software (such as Microsoft Office)
•    Communications software (for email and fax)
•    Firmware updates for all applicable devices

Network Devices and Peripherals
•    Hubs, switches and routers
•    Printers/scanners/photocopiers/fax machines and franking machines

•    Security software (such as anti-virus and firewall)
•    Physical network security devices (such as hardware firewalls, IPS, IDS)
•    Backup of configurations for applicable devices.

•    Physical data backup mediums
•    Redundant power supplies
•    Off-site storage

We at Cressy IT Solutions are focused on keeping detailed and up to date documentation about your existing infrastructure as well as any upgrades we make to it to help us provide a quick and proactive support service to your business. Our engineers are trained to create plain English reports so that they are easily understood and the engineers will explain all technical specifications and requirements without using unnecessary and confusing technical jargon.

Using the site survey our engineers will be able to deliver a report outlining the strengths and weaknesses in your network and information on critical areas which need attention for the continuation and security of your business.

On-site visits, infrastructure audits and documentation output are all absolutely FREE and customers are under no obligation to accept any proposals from Cressy IT developed from a site surveys.

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