Tape is one of the most common ways a business backs up their data. It uses an external device which allows the business to store a minimum of 100GB of data per day. External backup can be used to backup information on a daily basis as well as weekly, monthly or even yearly. In the event of a disaster in your business Cressy IT will have a backup of all your daily data ensuring that no information is lost within the disaster.

Cressy IT will document all your data to make sure nothing is lost from small to major data, as we believe every aspect of your business is important and having your secured in a secured location such as Cressy IT will only benefit your business. Together with your business Cressy IT will create a strategy or timeline in which we will store your data, will both evaluate the options and come to the best conclusion. We only look out for your business and it is our duty to provide you with effective and efficient guidance to enhance your businesses security.

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