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Using our online backup service, your business will never need to worry about faulty external storage nor any faulty equipment. Cressy IT uses your internet connection and encrypts a data stream to transfer your business data to a data centre. The removes the hassle of moving physical storage from place to place and with the encryption set by us, no one will have access to the data other than your administrator. One of the benefits of online backup is that you will no longer need to update your equipment nor would you need to purchase new ones. All this extra work is removed from your business and allows you to carry on improving your business where it matters and we improve on your security. Let us take care of the small print of the business and do the extra work without any complaints because we are experts at this with our renowned engineers who have years of experience.

You will have the right to tell us what and how often you need something to get backed up and how long you need to it remain backed up and our engineers will start arranging your strategy. Our engineers will suit to your recommendations. You will be provided with a daily update on your system and notifying you exactly what data is being stored currently. All data pushed to our partners data centre is encrypted and secure. Your security is in our upmost importance.

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