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Byte-Size Individual-based Training - £39 + VAT

Cressy IT offers training for individuals who are looking to learn sections of large modules either to further their knowledge in the area or sharpening their existing skills. The concept of “bite-size” training will aim to offer trainees the chance to learn more effectively and in depth over a short period, excluding the constant need to travel to locations as is usual with extended courses. “Bite-size” learning is ideal for a beginner to get comfortable with the topic and the value of flexibility encourages an individual to learn at their own pace focusing at key areas with enthusiasm and efficiency.   

We use labs to make sure you can apply your new knowledge to the work environment. Our instructors use demonstrations and real-world experience to keep the day interesting and engaging, this enables you to have a different learning style to those around you. We combine visual and auditory styles to deliver the material in a way that ensures you will learn faster and more easily.

Course Duration:

A training session would traditionally be a 2 hour period generally running between 9:00am to 6:00pm.

We offer the following courses:

File Management and E-Document Production (using Microsoft Word)

•    Be able to Identify and use computer workstations and system software
•    To create and manage files and folders
•    Identify and use word processing software correctly to enter text, numbers and symbols accurately
•    Format basic paragraph and general document properties

Creating Spreadsheet and Graphs (using Microsoft Excel)

•    Able to use spreadsheets and graphs
•    Use an input device to enter and edit data accurately
•    Insert, replicate and format arithmetical formulae and use common numerical formatting and alignment
•    Manage and print spreadsheet documents and graph and chart documents and be able to produce pie charts, line graphs and bar/column charts

Database Manipulation (using Microsoft Access)

•    Identify and use database software
•    Enter data in an existing database
•    Create simple queries/searches on one or two criteria and sort data
•    Produce appropriate pre-defined reports from databases using short cuts

E-Publication Creation (using Microsoft Publisher)

•    Identify and use appropriate software correctly in accordance with laws and guidelines
•    Use basic file handling techniques for the software such as Importing and placing text and image files
•    Set up a standard page layout and text properties, manipulating text and images to balance page
•    Manage publications and print composite publication

Create an E-Presentation (using Microsoft PowerPoint)

•    Identify and use presentation software
•    Set up a consistent slide layout, formatting slides and presentation as well as managing and printing presentation files.
•    Select fonts and enter text
•    Import and insert images correctly and use the drawing tools

E-Image Creation (using Image Editing Software)

•    Able to use basic file handling techniques
•    Download digital pictures from a digital camera
•    Enter, amend and resize text, Import, crop and resize images
•    Manage and print artwork

Web Page Creation (using Microsoft FrontPage)

•    Import, format and place text and image files
•    Insert relative, external and e-mail hyperlinks
•    Manage and print web pages

Online Communication (using Microsoft Outlook)

•    Able to Identify and use email and browsing software
•    Navigate the World Wide Web and use search techniques to locate data on the Web
•    Transmit and receive email messages and attachments

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